Bushy Brows?


Your eyebrows are out of control. They have a mind of their own, and you’re not sure how to control and groom them without going overboard? Thick bushy brows are a beauty trend that people are loving right now so lucky you! Thanks to Cara Delevinge and Lilly Collins and their #browgoals, it’s ok to have bigger bushier brows now. We’re here to help break it all down!


A fuller brow is definitely on trend at the moment, and our HD Stylists are on hand to keep them looking good without letting them get too unruly. Want to be a little less wild and more groomed? That’s fine, you’re in the best hands with our stylist who will consult with you and gradually work to your desired shape. It’s great as with this type of brow you will see instant results, and they’ll be easy to maintain with regular HD Brows treatments.


HD Brows Stylist Claudia Odey’s client wanted her bushy, non defined brows to be transformed into power brows she could be proud of.. and that’s exactly what she got.



If you have naturally bushy brows, you don’t need to add any make up to create fullness. Simply brush them into perfect place or brush them up for a textured look using our transparent Brow Beater – a non sticky gel which will keep your brows in place all day.


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