Make Up Dilemmas?


Not everyone is born with beautifully thick brows like Cara Delivigne (if only). However, this doesn’t mean you should pick up the darkest brow pencil you can find and fill the whole brow in, often referred to as the infamous ‘scouse-brow’.


Although it is today’s fashion to have a much fuller brows, we still want to create something that looks natural. Using a one shape fits all approach can leave you with the wrong artificial shape that doesn’t necessarily suit your face shape or flatter your features. Visit your local HD Brows Stylist to design the perfect shape bespoke for you – you can then follow this easily at home.


Our Elite HD Brows Trainer Jamie, created this transformation by using make up alone on the right brow.

Untitled design


Don’t be too heavy with your brow make up – #LessIsMore. Make sure when using a pencil you always keep it really sharp to ensure you get a crisp finish. Our Pro Pencil is the perfect tool to create the illusion of hair strokes. When adding make up to the brow, keep the fronts soft to avoid any heavy looking square brow.


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