Uneven Brows?


Can’t get your brows to match? Your eyebrows should both sit on the fatty pad which is on top of the eye socket, but this isn’t always the case which may be due to: Too much hair removal, anti-ageing injections or Ptosis – (a drooping or falling of the upper eyelid caused by weak muscles.)


Our HD Brows treatment aims to get the dimensions of both brows the as similar as possible, however we’re realistic and understand they will never be identical – after all, as our Founder, Nilam Holmes-Patel says, your brows are sisters, not twins.

We recommend visiting your local HD Brows Stylist every 4-6 weeks so they can work on getting your brows as symmetrical as possible and once that’s been achieved – it’s simply a case of maintenance.


HD Brows Stylist Samantha Milne has begun transforming these brows and in time will be more matched than they’ve ever been. The below before and after is after just one treatment.



You’ll need some make up to help keep your brows looking as even as possible until you reach your final goal. Why not try our Brow Define? This medium-firm brow pencil is enriched with waxes for easy application and is ideal to fill, define, blend, and shape brows to perfection.


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